Every human being is always dreaming.There is no limit,criteria or end for dreaming.It depends upon individual`s choice,capacity or thinking ability which he or she dream about.When dream comes true then there is no waiting but an unendung attempt to achieve/fulfill it.
Yesteryear actor has seen a dream of producing Marathi movie for last many years.This time he has luck to fulfil it by producing “Taryanche Bait`a marathi movie.He had adreamt of doing it becoz Mumbai was his Karmabhoomi`.He had a soft corner for Maharashtra and Marathi Manoos.
He has adapted culture,customs n mannersims of Mumbaikar.That is why he wanted to pay it in a unique way.This was a beginning of Balaji Telefilms which is his daughter Ekta Kapoor`s production house which has come forward to make it.
The plot revolves around the Marathi family who are from Konkan-village and always have dream of visiting Mumbai which is full of energy,enthusiasm,glitter.The story throws the light on Father-son relationship where at one point they get into unwritten agreement.Finally son wins it and fis dream of visiting Mumbai and that to spend some time in 5 star hotel which is his fathers beyond capacity.But then to face this situation ,father goes to any extent and try to win this battle.
As name denotes it is a city,an island of stars where there are glitterng lights,lively atmosphere as Mumbai never sleeps.The film is produced under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures -Ault Entertainment jointly with Friday Film Works.
It is shot on very scenic locations of Konkan-Dapoli,Kelshi,Anjarle.etc. In Mumbai ,Ferry Wharf,Gateway Of India,HajiAli,Worli,Powai,etc.This film is directed by Kiran Yadnopavit.The caste n crew includes Sachin Khedekar In a lead role,Ashwini Giri,Kishore Kadam,Vinay Apte & child artist like Ishan Tambe,Asmita Joglekar.
One more speciality of this movie is it doesn`t start with letter “K“ as Balaji have it always.There is no compromising for making production lavish.It deals with middle class family and close to the heart of people. It has already captured the heart of people as it has got 2 awards in Pune International Film Festival.

So get ready to reach this “Tarayanche Bait“ on 15th april nearest your cinema theatre.

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