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Shubham Karoti

Shubham Karoti

This is the story of ‘Mahajan’ family. A simple, contented joint family which consists of three generations. It is an interesting blend of characters right from old grandfather who is 75 years old and up to his grandson who is 10 years old. The story’s focus is on the bonding and togetherness amongst these family members.

Like every other normal family, the members of Mahajan family too have their own likes, dislikes, happy moments, sad moments, positive and negative traits. All in all, nobody amongst is perfect but they still live together in harmony under one roof…

KESHAV MAHAJAN (Grandfather ‘Anna’)
A very simple, humble person. Loveable, talkative and fun loving grandfather. Affectionately called ‘Anna’ by family. Anna has a great tuning with the household help, Malak. His granddaughter ‘Kimayaa’ is his weak point. He has a habit of talking to the idols of Gods while doing the pooja. He joins Kimayaa in her drama which she plays to unite the family.

ARUN MAHAJAN (Anna’s eldest son)
Leads a very straight forward simple life. Follows strict values and principles in his life and profession. Short tempered. Owns a printing press. Arun is forced to accept a partner in his business while attempting to save the family during financial crises.

Simple down to earth lady. Her house, her husband Arun and Anna are her icons. Always smiling, even when angry or stressed. Looks after the house and has kept it in order after her mother-in-law’s death. Loves to help the family members.

VIVEK MAHAJAN (Anna’s elder son)
Vivek is a day dreamer. Easy going, wants to make money without much labour. He is not a cheat but mortgages the house for a quick buck. The deal fails and the house is in trouble. Vivek gets frustrated because of this. He has good tuning with Shashank (2nd son of Arun) He is generally popular amongst the kids because of his easy going and fun loving attitude.

Educated and disciplined lady. Very clear cut and practical attitude. Works for a private firm. Keeps her husband Vivek in control. She takes care of the home finances. Shows a great strength during the crises created by her husband Vivek.

GIRISH MAHAJAN (Arun-Anuradha’s eldest son)
Works for a Software firm. Not very ambitious. But is pushed for everything by his wife Prachi. Very emotional and attached to the family. Always in double mind while taking decisions because of family and wife.

PRACHI MAHAJAN (Girish’s wife)
Prachi is Commerce graduate, works for a bank. She comes from a very small family so finds it difficult to adjust her in a joint family. Secretly desires a nuclear family and tries to push Girish towards it. Not very happy in doing house work.

SHASHANK MAHAJAN (Arun-Anuradha’s elder son)
Easy going, fun loving, not much interested in studies. Leaves study halfway. Always has tiffs with his father Arun since he finds his son’s life going on lines of Vivek. Arun being principled doesn’t appreciate Shashank giving up studies and working with a corporator. Vivek doesn’t like him going out and drinking so offers a drink to Shashank Once in a while.

NEHA MAHAJAN (Arun-Anuradha’s youngest daughter)
Neha has just entered the college. Doesn’t like anyone treating her like a baby. Typical teenager attitude. Wants to grow up fast. Loves her cousin Kimayaa but little envious towards her since Kimayaa is praised by everybody for her qualities.

SHREYA MAHAJAN (Vivek-Vrushali’s elder daughter)
Graduate. Works with a private firm. Lives in the world of fairytales and ‘Mills n boon’. Loves the ‘filmy’ idea of a runaway wedding, opposed by family. Falls in love with Vinit, runs away and marries him with same thrill. But her marriage turns out to be a false dream since she can not cope up with mother-in-law’s attitude.

MOHIT MAHAJAN (Vivek-Vrushali’s youngest son)
Youngest member of the family and hence pampered and loved by all. Shares a great bond with his grandfather Anna. Has no idea what the family is going through and sometimes works as a bridge between the torn family.

KIMAYAA MAHAJAN (Vikram-Medha’s only daughter)
Loving, caring, positive and enthusiastic girl. Everybody loves her for her qualities. She’s helpful and wants the family to be together at any cost.

NISHAANT KHANOLKAR (Kimayaa’s friend and boss)
Born in a rich family. Has spent most of his life in a residential school or hostel. Detached with parents and house. Rebellious attitude. Father has a huge business, but Nishaant is not interested. So keeps away from home, spends time with so called friends and puts on a NO EMOTION mask. Some unfortunate circumstances force him to look after the business, where Kimayaa is working. Her positive attitude and friendship changes his outlook towards life.

Dr. PAI (Family doctor and friend)
Family doctor, loner as his wife has deserted him also taking away their only daughter. He has been visiting Mahajan house for many years. Has always seen his own family in them. Shares a special relation with Kimayaa as she reminds him of his own daughter. Although he is of same age as Arun and Vivek, shares a great bond with Anna.

MALAK (Household help)
Malak’s real name is Vidyadhar but everybody fondly calls him ‘Malak’. His father used to work with the Mahajan family Malak is continuing the tradition. Has problems with numbers and calculations and is a source of entertainment for the family. He is proud of the joint family tradition.

ALKA MAHAJAN-JADHAV (Anna’s married daughter)
Ran away from home and got married to the Sripat. Strained relations with the family since Sripat was working as a driver. As the time passes tension between families eases and Mahajan family accepts Alka’s wedding.

SHRIPAT JADHAV (Alka’s husband)
Falls in love with Alka. Both run away and get married. Now well settled, owns 2- 3 tourist cars and is accepted by the Mahajans as the son-in-law of the family.

PRASHANT JADHAV (Alka-Shripat’s son)
Only son of Alka and Shripat. Very mischevious child, sometimes plays weird pranks. Somewhat spoilt since born after many years after Alka-Shripat’s marriage.

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